The total number of COVID-19 cases reached 7,901 in the Nashville metropolitan area’s three largest counties on Sunday, according to the Tennessee Department of Health.

Davidson, Rutherford and Williamson counties reached a combined total of 453 new cases of COVID-19 since June 5, Tennessee health officials said. Of the additional 453 confirmed cases, 285 cases are in Davidson County, 136 cases are in Rutherford County and 32 cases are in Williamson County.

As of June 5, Davidson County has performed a total of 1,758 tests for COVID-19, of which 16.2 percent were positive. …

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*March 1, 2018*

Today marks the 45th anniversary of Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side of the Moon, the groundbreaking and record-shattering album that propelled the band to international stardom.

Pink Floyd helped define the future of rock music. With an influence growing stronger with each passing decade, Pink Floyd is certainly one of the most influential bands of all-time. Their music is innovative and ahead of its time. Listening to it is like looking into a crystal ball; the band spoke of the future as if they had already lived through it.

With thought-provoking lyrics and instrumentals as compelling as…

With an EP set to be released next week, HalfNoise is bound to get you out of your seat and dancing like there’s no tomorrow.

Photo Credit: Danny Peart

It has been about eight years since Zac Farro and pal Jason Clark first brought the musical project HalfNoise to life. With Clark’s departure from the project in 2012, HalfNoise was left with Farro as its sole member. But with a new EP released soon and a tour approaching, this groove maestro is not slowing down any time soon.

Many may recognize Zac Farro as the man behind Paramore’s drumkit, but his stylistic approach to lyricism, groove producing and his singing voice often go unnoticed. …

Image Credit: Alessio Remenzi

Is photographing the effects and destruction of war crossing ethical boundaries?

Shortly after I began pursuing a career in war photojournalism, I read an article discussing the motives and meaning behind war photography. Its message resonated with me because it opened my naïve eyes to the ethical dilemma faced by war photographers.

Ashley Norman

Journalism Student: War & Foreign Correspondence | Investigative Journalism

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